Our Team

While other organizations might have a few tricks up their program to help addicts, we work to deal with the core problem and fix the issue of why the person has fallen into such an addictive behavior and environment in the first place. With us, you are guaranteed to have a fighting chance to get rid of this disease that is the addiction to certain problematic situations or substances.

Our team is compromised by professionals like:


Mae Walton

Mae specializes in dealing with substance abuse and how to fight it. With her driving any of her passengers is definitely going to make their substance addiction a thing of the past.


Dominic King

Dominic has been helping people get sober for over a decade with us. He is a gem like no other.


Marc Reynolds

Marc was a person who lost a family member to suicide due to gambling addiction. Since then he has dedicated his life to help people fight this monster and his track record has been nothing but perfect.