The ultimate program when it comes to dealing with addiction. The intensive outpatient program is a more rigorous type of therapy where patients attend group sessions, which in turn allows for a more intensive and directed treatment solution.

IOPIntensive Outpatient Treatment or in short IOP is usually recommended by a clinical and medical assessment of the patient. Typically, the users of the IOP program are those that don’t require additional medical supervised detox. After a successful detox program has been established with the patient the IOP can enable a recovery period where the patient can continue their recovery therapies in an intensive schedule which is made to accommodate the working life and the family life of the patient. This is one of the best ways to help people recover from their addiction as it lets them re-join their former personal lifestyle where they can mend their family ties faster than they could if they were in a recovery center far away from home. This also lets the patient establish a working long-term recovery support group in his local surroundings as the community is encouraged to help the individual in his recovery therapy period.

What sort of therapies are involved in this Intensive outpatient program?

Primarily this type of therapy depends on a service that involves therapy group, however, there are also assigned individual therapy methods and needs that need to be met on a weekly basis while the treatment is ongoing. These groups are small and usually don’t go over 8-10 people which in return allows for a safe environment for every participant of the group.

IOP can include many different methods of therapy which can also include;

Withdrawal syndrome therapy

How to manage cravings

How to understand your brain

Spiritual therapy

The stages of recovery

Relapse prevention skills and many more.

While this kind of therapy is highly advisable only for people that can past a certain medical threshold, it can also be good for many small-time addicts. While IOP can help an individual build up his life, it can’t be a therapy that can be administered from the start without many other beneficiary factors in place. For instance, a therapy with medication is going to be the best first step when it comes to professional treatment and then in later stages, IOP can help the patient integrate back into society in a painless way.