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At Oasis, We provide

comprehensive addiction

counseling services.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program focuses on education of addiction, recovery and relapse prevention, group processes, and holistic wellness.

Phone: 1-855-778-5375


A Member of NAATP - National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

Welcome to Oasis Addiction Counseling

Oasis Addiction Counseling is a State Licensed Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program. Our goal is to provide the best possible drug and alcohol treatment for those that suffer from drug addiction and alcoholism while working together with sober living facilities to ensure a safe environment for our clients. Oasis Addiction Counseling’s drug treatment program is client centered meaning that our clients will have an individualized treatment plan to address their own issues. If you or a loved one struggle with chronic relapse, we have a program that fills the void between traditional primary care treatment and returning home. Our program is also a great alternative to costly residential treatment. Our clients will reap the benefits of receiving addiction treatment while having a structured sober support to learn how to live life on life’s terms and gain long term sobriety. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) works well with our gender specific, structured sober living in Prescott, AZ.


Oasis Recovery Centers BBB Business Review

We believe that alcoholism and drug addiction are fatal diseases and if not treated, the worst is to be expected. We take pride in what we do and it shows in our passion to help create a great program for our clients and for our community. Every member of our staff has been affected by this disease and our own experiences are our assets in helping relate to our clients. We know what it’s like to be in our client’s shoes and have walked that same rough road.


Passport To Recovery - Addiction Treatment ResourcesOur passion, quality of care, and family setting set us apart from other Outpatient facilities or drug treatment programs.